"Crystal's Acquaintance" is one of the first quests given to you during the course of the game. It is required to find177 of the 256 Ultimate Gear Regents, so it is quite important. Also, it gives you Crystal.

Quest Chain
Crystal's Acquaintance
Crystal's Partner
Crystal's Friend
Crystal's Crush
Crystal's Love
Crystal's Sun and Stars
Crystal's Partner
Gang Initiate

Quest Text Edit

Hello there, [player's name]!

Sorry that this may be sudden, seeming how you are looking at me, but I was told by my leader to come and meet you here. He said that you would be suffering some kind of amnesia, and that I should bring you to him. However, he wants you to prove yourself before you get his help. Show me how [manly/womanly/courageous] you really are.

Quest Specifics Edit

1. Head toward any location
2. Kill an NPC

Quest Rewards Edit

  • [Intellect Buff]+100 XP
  • Unlock Crystal as a Companion

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